Tonight We Dream: Full Bloom

Full Bloom

It is really heartwarming watching someone you grew up with getting married.

I haven't been to that many weddings in my lifetime, let alone garden weddings. This one was beautiful. Small and close-knit, everyone was able to get a view of the blushing bride and sharp groom.

Getting ready for my cousin's big day was a bit of a rush - as it always is.
I woke up a good few hours early to allow time for hair and make-up mistakes and somehow I still managed to make it just on time. I just don't have the patience to follow all the six steps of the do-it-yourself hairstyles I found on Pinterest! In the end I just braided one side of my hair and chucked it up in a bun.
And then there's make-up. Who else has this issue: you are putting on your gel eyeliner and you just want a small, thin line with a nice pointy flick. But, woops, you went a bit to high, or, one eye has more than the other. And both sides just keep getting bigger and bigger and you have to start all over again. Luckily, I didn't have such bad luck that morning - but it still wasn't perfect. It's a good thing that I had dark eye shadow to cover it up most of the mistakes.

Anyway, we all got there, it was hot and my make-up pretty much melted off so all that time and effort was out the window. Still! Beautiful day to get married (well watch)!


Dress: Keepsake the Label
Belt: asos
Clutch: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes: asos

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ANNIE said...

love your dress!!
and that belt is a nice touch =)