Tonight We Dream: A mother's love

Monday, 3 June 2013

A mother's love

I have just witnessed one of the sweetest things in life. 

Picture this. 

I'm in on the train ride home. Closer to my stop, the train begins to fill up and everyone aboard starts to lose their personal breathing space. 

We pull up to the next stop and a lot of people are hopping into our carriage. In this crowd is a mother with a baby on her back. She's stuck standing in the stairwell. I'm one row away from her so I offer my seat and I see that she's also got a toddler. The gentleman and I sitting make way in the heavily congested carriage. She thanks us profusely. 

A few minutes later, the baby starts to cry. As any mother would, she frantically starts to search for things to make him happy again. Drink? No. Toy? No. Mummy? 'Why didn't you come to me sooner, mum?' seems to be the expression on his little cute face. She kneels down and puts her head to his and he begins to stroke her hair. 

To date, this has been one of the most endearing things I have ever seen. 

Motherly love. 

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