Tonight We Dream: New Balenciaga Shoes!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Balenciaga Shoes!

Yay! We finally went back to Cosmopolitan Shoes at Double Bay today and I picked up my new Balenciaga peep-toe booties.

The lady who served me last week was very nice and friendly and said I could pick them up this week instead of when the sale actually finished (last weekend). However, this weekend, there were two other women there on the sales floor and they were complete posh b*tches. The first girl who had dirty blonde hair and blue/grey eyes looked me up and down to see my outfit (I was wearing my Chanel boots so I felt pretty worthy of being in there) and when I told her why I was there, she barked questions at me and when I presented my receipt from the last visit, her reply: "Well that would help".

The transaction was silent. Passing over the credit card, one woman processing the payment and one bagging the Balenciagas. There was so conversation at all, no "How has your day been?". Her 'thank you' was hardly meant, and as for a farewell - none.

Oh well, at least I have my Balenciagas!


glamourgirl said...

urgh bitchy sales assistants are the worst, glad you got the balinciaga's though - they're gorg!

Niner said...

what a nasty bitch of a sales assistant!

Hons and Rebels said...

bad customer service but lovely boots!