Tonight We Dream: Baby Birds

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Baby Birds

I forgot to post this before, but on the 7th of January, my Dad asked me to go downstairs to our front yard and take a look at something.

Turns out it was four wonderful baby birds (that kind of look weird)!


Ninerness said...

whoaaaaaa! Are they alive????

solitaryraven said...

hahaha! yeah they're alive

M&M said...

hey, i found your blog during a google image search for marc jacobs bump toe boots (which i'm obessed with)and i found your blog.

i love your style so i already added u to my blog list.

laters ok, and have a fun weekend

btw, i hope the birds are ok, they llok like they are on the ground and not in the tree where they would be safe

solitaryraven said...

it's ok, they were in a tree! :P