Tonight We Dream: I hate PLEATHER

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Define: Pleather

Pleather: P-Leather; Plastic leather, fake leather. 

Photographic example (taken on my bus to uni):

What is with those girls out there who so desperately want to be 'cool' and 'stylish', and purchase an overpriced jacket made to look like leather, but if you read the little white tag with the washing directions, it states it is 100% polyester! 

I recently saw a pleather jacket in Myer (brand: Piper - a brand that rips off the rip-offs, like Country Road) and guess how much it cost? $190!! For polyester!!!

It looks cheap and trashy - and it makes people look like wannabes! They wish to look just like the models backstage - street style. Yet they just look stupid because they wasted their money on a fake. It just goes to show that they really are just wannabes.

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