Tonight We Dream: CHANEL Fall RTW 2007

Monday, 14 April 2008

CHANEL Fall RTW 2007

Okay, so everyone remembers the Fall 2007 Ready-to-wear CHANEL collection, right? The crimped, veiling hair that covered a naturally made-up face of a model in a 'college-girl in cold weather' inspired outfit? 

If, by chance, you do not remember this collection, here are some images to refresh your memory:


Now that you remember, you should also be reminded of those boots! Yes, those beautiful buckle cut-out boots that found themselves over jeans for a casual look - then over some tights for a more evening look. Here are some detailed close-up shots of them:


Well, I loved these boots so much that I bought a pair! These boots retail for $US 1595 - they were well worth it! I love them to death! The leather is so soft and the cut of them are perfect! They make heads turn everywhere and receive compliments from many fashion forwards (and others alike). 

However, things turned sour when my boyfriend and I were walking along the wharf at night on the 5th of April, 2008. Due to gaps between the rough, wooden planks, my toe got caught and the tip of the boot was scraped and the soft, supple leather was scathed and torn! (Work of the evil Demon King no doubt!)

Obviously, we were both shocked and saddened by this incident (my boyfriend is also very much into fashion and knows his stuff - one of the endless list of things I love about him!) so he vowed to take me to the CHANEL boutique the next day to see if they could fix it in any way.

Sooki, the sales assistant that served us, was very helpful and assured us that they would send my boots to their boot repairer to have them revived. She handed me the receipt (cost: to be confirmed - eek! does not sound good!), and we left feeling at ease that my boots were in good hands. :)

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