Tonight We Dream: Shoes [Post #002]

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Shoes [Post #002]

Balenciaga Edition:

Balenciaga's s07 Shoes have had a huge part in creating a revolution in shoe design. Love them or hate them, the collection have been making headlines as people such as Mary-Kate Olsen have been stomping around in the designs. Though people have dubbed them hideous and utterly unwearable, they have sold out across the globe - making one of the few and only places to buy them, eBay.

[from earlier season] The, what I like to call, Motorcycle Ankle Boots. I found a pair my size on eBay a few weeks ago by sheer luck. However, the seller had to take the auction down because they were going away for a while and wouldn't be able to respond to anything (that's what they say, but I have a feeling it's because they may have been a fraud!)

The 'Cork' Shoe - ALMOST bought these. eBay sniper cut across though and put a bid in the last few seconds. Lucky though - they were a size too big (37.5). I almost paid $1.3k for them.

... And the one that utterly fell in LOVE with - the TANK platform! Saw this one on eBay as well - but a size 39 or something. I'm a 36.5! 37 max!

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